PAGEultra is a complete job costing, order processing, bill of materials and accounts package for UK companies.

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Download a COMPLETE copy of AcctEasy (the freeware version of PAGEultra) for FREE from Accounts Software Free Downloads

PAGEultra includes as standard all the features needed by small and medium businesses:-

Sales Invoicing - invoices fully integrated to ledgers and product/stock file
Sales Order Processing - with ability to earmark current stock to orders
Purchase Order Processing - fully integrated with purchase ledger and stock file
Job Costing - with ability to turn a Job into a Sales Order and invoice out
Bill of Materials - ability to test stock availability for a build
Parts Explosion - to 64 levels of parts assembly
Product/Stock/Inventory File - services and labour can be held as a "product"
Ledgers - Sales, Purchase and Nominal ledgers to UK accounting standards
Cashbook - easy to use and fully integrated to ledgers
VAT - to UK and EU requirements with full reporting and balancing
Management Reporting - complete set of reports for all ledgers and functions
EDI (optional) - invoices can be output for Electronic Data Interchange
Multi-user (optional) - up to 1024 simultaneous users
Foreign Currency (optional) - copes with both EU and non-EU countries
Salesmen File (optional) - calculation of commissions from sales invoicing
Data Import/Export to other software (optional) - ASCII and CSV options
Customer Multiple Discounts (optional) - discount tables for sales invoicing
Multi-company (optional) - bookkeepers can handle multiple clients' accounts
Multiple Depots (optional) - ability to hold stock in numerous locations

PAGEultra runs under all versions of Windows, and is a stable and thoroughly reliable program used since 1982 by tens of thousands of satisfied users.

PC Plus magazine gave this software a 5-star ***** review. PC Magazine made it their Editor's Choice. What PC magazine named it as a Recommended Buy.

PAGEultra is now available for download as freeware. There are no disabled functions, no limits on file sizes, and no time-out. We make our income from our larger users who come back to us to buy consultancy, training, and bespoke software.

Download a COMPLETE freeware copy of AcctEasy (the free version of PAGEultra) for FREE from Accounts Software Free Downloads