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{"Purchases Menu", "1| Purchase Invoice Acceptance", "PAPPINV", PPINV, "2| A/C Name & Address Update", "PAFSUPP", FSUPP, "3| Enquiries", "PAPENQ", PENQ, {"Purchase Reports Menu", "1| Transactions for Month (Daybook)", "PARPTRAN", RPTRAN, "2| Remittance Advices", "PAPREM", PREM, "3| Aged Creditors List", "PARAPCS", RAPCS, "4| List of Accounts", "PARPLIST", RPLIST, "5| Unallocated Cash Report", "PGPUNCSH", PUNCSH, "6| Purchase Cheques used this Month", "PGRPCHQ", RPCHQ, {"Purchase History", "1| Purchase Analysis by Item", "PAHITEM", HITEM, "2| Purchase Analysis by Supplier", "PAHSUPP", HSUPP, "3| Supplier Purchase History", "PAHTRAN", HTRAN, "4| Erase Old Purchase Analysis", "PAHERA", HERA, {"Purchase Processes Menu", "1| Payments to Suppliers", "PAPCASH", PCASH, "3| Contras to Sales Ledger", "PGSCONTR", SCONTR, "4| Purchase Ledger Total", "PGPLTOT", PLTOT, "5| Purchase Ledger Journals", "PGPLJOU", PLJOU, "1| Purchase Invoice Acceptance", "PAPPINV", PPINV,

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