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{"Sales Menu", "1| A/C Name & Address Update", "PAFCUST", FCUST, "2| Enquiries", "PASENQ", SENQ, {"Sales Reports Menu", "1| Transactions for Month (Daybook)", "PARSTRAN", RSTRAN, "2| Statements", "PARSMT", RSMT, "3| Aged Debtors List", "PARASDS", RASDS, "4| List of Accounts", "PARCLIST", RCLIST, "5| Label Printing for Customers", "PARCLAB", RCLAB, "6| Turnover Reports", "PARCTO", RCTO, "7| Credit Limits Report", "PARLIM", RLIM, "8| Unallocated Cash Report", "PGSUNCSH", SUNCSH, {"Sales Special Prices", "1| Price Bands & Price Breaks Set", "PASDISC", SDISC, "2| Price Bands by Customer Report", "PARDISC1", RDISC1, "3| Price Breaks Report", "PARDISC2", RDISC2, "4| Customer Special Price Set", "PAFCBP", FCBP, "5| Customer Special Prices Report", "PARCBP", RCBP, {"Sales Histories", "1| Analysis (History) by Item", "PAAITEM", AITEM, "2| Analysis (History) by Customer", "PAACUST", ACUST, "3| Customer Sales Transaction History", "PAATRAN", ATRAN, "4| Value of Transactions by Category", "PAACAT", ACAT, "5| Profits on Stock Sales by Invoice", "PAAPROF", APROF, "6| Erase Old Sales Analysis Details", "PAAERA", AERA, {"Sales Processes Menu", "1| Receipts from Customers", "PASCASH", SCASH, "2| Despatch Address for Customer", "PAFDESP", FDESP, "3| Contras to Purchase Ledger", "PGSCONTR", SCONTR, "4| Bad Debt Write-Off", "PGSBADD", SBADD, "5| Sales Ledger Total", "PGSLTOT", SLTOT, "6| Search for Customer by part-name", "PGSCSEAR", SCSEAR, "7| Add Completed Sales Invoices", "PGSINV", SINV, "8| Sales Ledger Journals", "PGSLJOU", SLJOU, {"Salesman/Customer Type Menu", "1| Update Salesman/Type", "PGFSMAN", FSMAN, "2| List Customers by Salesman/Type", "PGRSMAN", RSMAN, "3| List Salesman/Type by Customer", "PGRSMAC", RSMAC,

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