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{"Invoicing Menu", "1| Invoice Processing", "PAPINV", PINV, "3| Stock/Product File Maintenance", "PAFITEM", FITEM, "4| Sales Invoicing Parameters", "PGSPARA", SPARA, {"Job Cost Menu", "1| Job Entry or Change", "PAFJOB", FJOB, "2| Cost entry for Job", "PAFJCOST", FJCOST, "3| List Jobs on file", "PARJLIST", RJLIST, "4| Report on selected Job", "PARJRPT", RJRPT, "5| Make Job into Sales Order", "PAJSORD", JSORD, "6| Alter a Cost Line on Job", "PAJAME", JAME, {"Nominal Reports Menu", "1| List Transactions for Month", "PARVCHR", RVCHR, "2| List of Accounts", "PANLIST", NLIST, "3| Print Trial Balance", "PARTRIAL", RTRIAL, "4| Profit & Loss Report", "PARPROL", RPROL, "5| Balance Sheet Report", "PARBSHT", RBSHT, "6| Basic Ratios (Profits etc)", "PARATIO", RATIO, "7| History for Selected Account", "PANHIST", NHIST, "8| List Transactions for Whole Year", "PANYEAR", NYEAR, "9| List Unposted (Next Month) Journals","PGNRPOST", NRPOST, "T| Trading Profit and Loss Report", "PARTPAL", RTPAL, {"Budgets Menu", "1| Budget Deviation Report", "PARBDEV", RBDEV, "2| Budgets Listing", "PARBUD", RBUD, "3| Budgets Set-Up", "PAFBUD", FBUD, {"VAT Menu", "1| Normal VAT for Period", "PAVAT", VAT, // v3.00.s "2| VAT Cash Accounting Report", "PAVATC", VATC, "3| VAT Breakdown by Rates", "PAVATR", VATR, "4| EC Tariff Code Records ", "PAECFTAR", ECFTAR, "5| EC Tariff Code Report", "PAECRTAR", ECRTAR, "6| EC Sales Listing", "PAECRASL", ECRASL, "7| EC Supplementary Declarations Rpt", "PAECRSD", ECRSD, "8| EC Intrastats Manual Entry", "PAECFINT", ECFINT, "9| Clear Statistics File", "PAECPERA", ECPERA, "V| EC Set Own VAT number", "PAECVATN", ECVATN,

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