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{"Sales Orders Menu", "1| Sales Order Input", "PAFSORD", SORD, "2| Print Order Acknowledgements", "PASRACK", SRACK, "3| Print Despatch Notes", "PASDES", SDES, "4| Allocate stock to Orders", "PASALL", SALL, "5| Heading for Ack'mnt/Desp Note", "PAOHEAD", OHEAD,/* &POP*/ "6| Set last Order Numbers used", "PAONSET", NSET, {"S-O-P Reports Menu", "1| Items on Sales Orders", "PARSITEM", SITEM, "2| Outstanding Sales Orders", "PARSOUT", SOUT, "3| Overdue Sales Orders", "PARSOVR", SOVR, "4| Allocatable Orders", "PASABLE", SABLE, "5| Allocated Orders", "PASALLD", SALLD, "6| Picking List by Customer", "PASPICKC", SPICKC, "7| Picking List by Stock Item", "PASPICKI", SPICKI, {"Stock Processing Menu", "1| Stock Movements", "PAKADJ", KADJ, "2| Change Selling Prices by %age", "PAKPER", KPER, "3| Description Search among Items", "PAKSEAR", KSEAR, "4| Calculate new Re-Order Levels", "PGKSROL", KSROL, "A| Alter Stock Parameter", "PAKSET", KSET, {"Stock Movements etc. Reports Menu", "1| Stock Movements Report", "PARMON", RMON, "2| Stock Valuation", "PARVAL", RVAL, "3| Re-Order Report", "PARROL", RROL, "4| Print Price List", "PARSELL", RSELL, "5| List Transactions for Month", "PAKTRAN", KTRAN,

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